Rafael Gonçalves

is an independent Designer & Developer specialised in Browser-based media. Explores the fields of Generative, Parametric and Algorithmic Design through Creative Coding and Web Development in order to create unconventional web interfaces and tools for visual communication. Working mainly in the cultural industries, Rafael's work explores online strategies either to independent artists and to large institutions, such as the Porto Design Biennale (2019, 2021), The Archive of Vibrant Matter, Casa do Design, Musem Folkwang, Architecture Faculty of Porto, Porto Design Summer School, Fala Atelier, Z33, CCB, Softrock, Rafael Rosëndaal and more. He teaches Digital Media Design, Web Development and co-coordinated the Post Graduate Course Information-Driven Design (2020-2021) at ESAD Arts + Design in Matosinhos, he works as a researcher at esad—idea, and collaborated in the Porto Design Biennale (2019, 2021) as a New Media Designer and New Media Developer accordingly. Is currently a PhD student in Computational Media Design at the University of Coimbra.